Types of Slot Games

A slot machine, also known as poker machine, puggy, the slots or fruit machine is a simple casino gambling machine with a lever that spins the reels when pulled. Modern slots have a button you push to spin the reels and play the game, although many models still have a legacy lever.

Slot machines have a currency detector which recognizes and validates the currency inserted to play. The machine pays when certain symbols on the screen align once the spinning has stopped. Modern variations of slot games include online video slots which have become a huge hit since their invention. If you haven’t played online slots, you could try here.

Slot games can be divided into several categories. They can either be video slots, classic slots, jackpot slots, fruit slots, progressive jackpots slots and 3D slots among others.

Classic Slots

The term classic slot refers to the design of the slot machine. The first slot machines had 3 reels with fruit symbols on them and a lever which had to be pulled in order for the reels to turn. The classic slots had 3 reels, although this expanded later with multi payline slots.

The 3 reels are still a foundation for every slot machine nowadays. Video slots allow even more lines and bigger jackpots as well. Nowadays, slots with 5 reels are incredibly popular as they are fun to play and offer a bigger payout.

Classic slots have only one payline, while video slots with more reels allow individual payline bets. Once a player places a bet, they need to hit the button or pull down the lever to spin the reels. When they stop spinning, you need to check the reels – if the symbols align to match a winning combination from the pay table, you’ve won.

Themed Slots

Themed slots refer to video slots based on movies, TV shows, comic books or other media. They are pretty fun to play due to the appeal to the fans of various themes. Some players like playing slots just because of the big jackpots, but some are drawn to the theme.

These slots are highly popular and replace the fruit symbols with elements from the TV show or video game they’re based on. They can be played for fun or money and are pretty simple to start – just push a button and you will enter the world of your favorite character right away. These slots also offer bonuses which pay a lot and can help you get back on track even if you lost a few rounds.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Each slot has an individual jackpot. However, some slots offer a progressive jackpot, which means that whenever a player anywhere in the world enters the game and plays, the jackpots increases. The more players play the video slot, the greater the jackpot is. The jackpots on these slots can get quite big – the biggest payout was £13.2 million on the Mega Moolah slot. Once the jackpot has been won, it resets and starts all over again.

Slots are pretty fun to play. If you’re not a fan of the classic slots, we suggest trying the video variation for free. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also play for real money.

October 5, 2018