Tips to winning at blackjack

Casinos have become extremely popular over the last few years and with today’s online casinos such as Jackpot City’s UK online casino, it is possible to bring the gaming into one’s home. Many of today’s electronic devices can access online casino gaming. The casino game of blackjack is well loved for its blend of strategy, risk and excitement.

While most casino games require mainly luck to play, blackjack is the exception. Not only does it require luck but players must be skilled at it as well. With this game, it is quite possible to increase the odds of winning by implementing some strategies.

winning at blackjack
The key to being a successful blackjack player is to know what to do based upon your card count. Card count is the value of the cards the dealer has placed face down on the table. Depending on the value of the dealer’s face up card, certain actions can be taken.

In cases where the dealer has a card of 7 or higher showing, then the player should always hit a hand that is a soft 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17. In situations where the dealer’s card is worth ten points, then it is advisable for a player with a soft 17 to take a hit. A soft hand involves an ace. In this hand, that ace is being counted as 11 points. It is soft because it could change as an ace may also be counted as a one. So, it the card count is busted, the player can opt to make the ace worth one.

Doubling down can be a real money maker in blackjack when it is used in an appropriate manner. This particular option is only available to the player. The dealer cannot do this. Therefore, taking advantages of it wherever possible can help augment one’s winnings substantially. With doubling down, the player’s wager on that blackjack hand is doubled.

Then the player only gets on more card. If the hand ends up winning it for the player, the amount of winnings are doubled.

February 28, 2014