Tips for success with Online Sic Bo

If you’re using online casinos as a way to access gambling opportunities, you’ll find that Sic Bo is a common Asian game which you can enjoy. Using three equally sized and numbered dice, players bet on the total sum of the numbers rolled. It’s important with all games to research the tips and tricks of certain games to help you succeed. Whilst many games have a certain degree of strategy to them, winning with Sic Bo is all about the bets that you place as you have no control over how the dice fall. And, if you want to see your online Sic Bo career move in a positive direction, then there are some betting tips that you should consider.

1. Find the Best House Edge

All casinos have a house edge whether they’re real world venues or online establishments. House edge is the term which is given to odds which are against your favor, with the larger the house edge number effectively meaning that you are less likely to win. This increases the risk that you’ll lose your bankroll, so when playing Sic Bo at online casinos, it’s important that you use a venue where the house edge is as small as possible and provides you with the least possible risk of losing.

Online Sic Bo

2. Choosing the Best Bets

Whilst there are a range of bets that you can use, the two main forms of Sic Bo wagers that will see you win consistently, are the small and big bets. Various casinos, both online and real world, will have different pay tables, meaning that bets will have different rewards depending on where you’re playing. However, sticking with big and small bets can offer the best chance to maintain a steady and continuous stream of wins. For both small and big bets, the probability of winning is around 48.6per cent. Meanwhile, with a house edge of just 2.78per cent, the odds are really stacked in your favor of winning, providing you with a larger chance of winning. And, by choosing venues with smaller house edges, you can increase your odds further.

3. Play Sic Bo Online

If you’ve played Sic Bo in a real world casino, you’ll already know your craft well. However, you will often find that playing from home actually offers you a better house edge than land based casinos. Sic Bo is essentially a game of chance, with the no way to predict which way the three dice will roll. However, by changing your betting options and choosing options which will give you the best house edge, playing online can significantly help your success.

4. Avoid Foolish Bets

One way to avoid losing money is to make sure that you are careful with you wagers and make sure that you don’t place bets which will always give you high risk. One such example is betting that all three dice show the same number, with the house edge highly against you in these triple number circumstances.

5. Using Big Bets

When you’re using big bets, you can expect to get even money in return. Whilst this won’t make you an instant fortune, it does allow you to slowly increase your winnings over a period of time, meaning that you can build you bankroll in a low risk and steady process. When playing Sic Bo and placing big bets, you are putting a wager on the sum of the three dice between 11 and 17. For example, die 1 equaling 4 or 5, die 2 equaling 6 and die 3 equaling 1 or 4 will offer you winning results if you’ve placed a big bet.

6. Using Small Bets

Like big bets, small bets offer an even return and provide a better chance of winning. With a low house edge and a high probability of getting winning results, you can steadily grow your income and increase you bankroll slowly over time. If you want to use small bets when playing Sic Bo, you should place wagers on the sum of the three dice totaling between 4 and 10. In this case, an example for winning results would be die 1 equaling 2, die 2 equaling 3 or 1 and die 3 equaling 5 or 1.

7. Triple Bet Options

In addition to small and big bets, there are a number of wagering options that are available. This includes the triple bet wager, where the numbers rolled on all three dice are equal. Even if you’re not using this wager, you should be aware of the triple bet, because if three equal numbers show up when you’ve used a small or big bet, you won’t win even returns. This is because the triple bet has its own wager payouts, and if you’re not utilizing these when the triple occurs, you won’t win any money back.

8. Monitor Your Bankroll

Like all gambling, it is vital to keep tabs on your bankroll, and this is especially important when you’re playing online. When you’re playing Sic Bo over the internet it can be very easy to spend more than you’d wanted, especially if you’ve deposited a large amount of funds into your account. Make sure that you don’t use risky bets too much, and stay to small and big bets most of the time so that you can draw odds in your favor and keep making winnings, albeit small ones.

9. Combination Play

If you’re looking for the best success in your online Sic Bo career, you should look to utilize a range of wagers. As mentioned, using small and big bets is one of the best ways to reduce your losses, but you won’t be able to win big overnight. However, using a combination of bets, including the more risky but lucrative triple bet, can offer the greatest chance to significantly increase your bankroll. By researching Sic Bo, practicing, studying and playing the game and using the house edge advantage of online playing, you can ensure that you make positive changes and push your bankroll in the correct direction.

February 21, 2016