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Understanding the rules of online bingo

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Bingo as a game is very easy to play and has only one rule, which is daub your numbers as they are called out and call Bingo when you hit Full House. There is nothing more to it. But there are certain rules associated with online bingo just to ensure fair play and security of players.


The first and foremost step to playing online bingo is choosing a site to play and register with. In the registration process, all your personal details is required and some sites also take you bank details here. Online bingo is meant strictly for players above the legal age of 18 years and a verification of the same is done by the site before completing registration. Players are then provided with a user name or alias that they will be using.

rules of online bingo

Playing bingo and casino games

All bingo sites offer players a wide variety of games that they can play from all the variants of bingo to slots and popular casino games. But in order to begin gaming, you will need bonuses. Some sites like New Look Bingo offers a free sign up bonus of £15 to newbies. So, join New Look Bingo today and claim your free bonus.

Winning Prizes

Different sites offer different prizes that can be either tangible or in bonuses. There are many ways in which you can earn bonuses viz by making a deposit, winning a bingo game, participating in certain promotions whereas tangible prizes can mostly be won in prize draws.

Loyalty Scheme

There are many benefits that a player can reap just by sticking to a particular bingo site. Depending on how regularly you play and the amount you wager, players are placed in different categories. The higher up you are on a site’s loyalty scheme the more are your chances of saving money and winning bigger prizes. So whichever site it may be that you are interested in, be sure to keep the site’s loyalty scheme in mind.

June 5, 2014