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The Move from Online Bingo to Mobile

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Over the years, the online bingo genre has seen a ton of growth, this explosion in popularity is thanks to one area in particular and that’s the adoption of mobile technology to this familiar and popular genre.

But you may be wondering why exactly has mobile bingo become so popular with the online bingo crowd? Well, that question is easily answered, the reason it’s seen such success is down to its portability!

bingo via phone

Online bingo players used to be confined to using a PC with a power source or a laptop that had a beefy battery life, now we can load up our phones and play without these constrictions. Mobiles mean that bingo players can enjoy this classic game while waiting for a train or during the morning commute on a busy bus. Bingo became a thing you could use to kill time in transit rather than something you would have to set up at home.

Aside from the portability is the tactile feeling of physically tapping away on your screen as numbers are called. This is far more immersive than sitting staring at a PC screen clicking away on numbers.

Thanks to this vast amount of growth from the mobile market bingo players now have to use review sites like Madaboutbingo.com to find out the latest information on a site and why they should invest in it. We make looking for the best bingo sites incredibly easy as we contain thorough Bingo reviews that cover all the features of a site and if you should stick any cash in.

The mobile bingo market is constantly growing and with better mobile devices coming out every day, and the developments inside this portable platform in terms of the types of bingo games and sites to play are going to be interesting to watch.

February 13, 2015