Poker rewards on WSOP online

Are you one of the thousands that like to play online poker games with the biggest name in the biz – the World Series of Poker? If so, are you aware of their poker rewards scheme? WSOPs scheme is designed specifically to reward player loyalty with cash prizes. For those wondering how the scheme works and how to get involved, we have you covered. Read on to learn all about poker rewards over on WSOP online…

Getting started

Fear not, there are no long, boring forms to fill out before you can start earning your rewards. You just need to be located in Delaware, New Jersey or Nevada, and be ready to participate in real money games where you can win cash prizes.

How it works

WSOPs rewards system is all based around APPs. Depending on how many APPs you earn, you will ascend to Bronze (200 APPs per month), Silver (750 APPs) or Elite (1,500 APPs) level. Once you reach Bronze status, your APPs can be converted into WSOP points, which you can then redeem for cash. The higher you rise through the ranks, the more WSOP Points you receive for your APPs. This feature allows you to start getting cash into your account faster. In addition, whether you are a Bronze, Silver or Elite player will affect the rate of your WSOP point multiplier.

How are APPs allocated?

APPs are rewarded based on your real money contribution of the rake of each hand that you play. For example, when competing in a tournament or a ring game – you’ll receive two APPs for each $1 you pay. You can also earn fractional APPs, which will be awarded to you in hundredths. How many APPs you earn, and therefore what your monthly loyalty status will be, is calculated monthly on the last day of the month.

How do I convert my points into cash?

Once you’ve earned the points, transferring them into cash could not be more simple. You simply go to your profile within the software, locate the ‘My Rewards’ section and click convert. You can convert as often as you like, but do bear in mind that WSOP apply a minimum amount of 1000 points per conversion transaction. To give this some context – every 100 WSOP points that you decide to convert into cash equals $1 in your account.

November 1, 2018