Mobile Gaming: Development over the Years

Like many other areas in our lives, gaming has recently enjoyed an explosion in the quality and variety of games available through mobile technologies. Whether it’s a highly imaginative shoot-em-up game, or even a traditional table game of cards, the entertainment options offered by mobile phones are seemingly limitless.

Whereas just over a decade ago gamers were restricted in their gaming habits to bulky desktop computers and stand-alone consoles, now just about anybody can enjoy gaming via their mobile device, and here are a few of the ways in which the mobile gaming revolution has occurred.

mobile gaming

Given that there are now more mobile phones in the world than humans, it’s no surprise that this rapid growth has enabled the mobile gaming revolution. It was with the rise of smartphones such as the iPhone that mobile gaming options really developed beyond the simplistic games of Snake and Tetris offered by more primitive mobile phone technologies.

Games developers were quick to realise the potential offered by mobile devices that enabled users to download a huge variety of games via platform-specific app stores. And similarly, the flagging traditional entertainment industries of music and movies have sought to bolster their revenues by adapting their output to mobile-specific games.

As such, there have been many branded slots games that bear the likeness of films such as Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones at online casino sites that offer gamers a quick and easy way to play the games at their own convenience, whilst increasing the films’ exposure in the digital domain.

However, there have been many games that have used technology to provide a highly original gaming experience that takes advantage of the mobile-specific capacities. These include the phenomenally-popular puzzle games such as Candy Crush Saga, to block-building games like Minecraft, as well as groundbreaking and original games such as

Many of these games have enjoyed rapid success due to the fact that they were quickly created by single developers who were able to distribute the games via app stores in a way that challenges the traditional multi-billion dollar archetype.

Such lone developers also enjoy a close relationship with their target audiences and frequently release beta versions of their games as a way of previewing future editions and catering to their key audience demands.

But despite the massive overnight successes that can be found in the online gaming environment, there appears to be no failsafe way to gaming glory, and many star developers have struggled to repeat their initial success. Despite this, it looks like the mobile gaming revolution is only going to grow as this is now the most common style of gaming all over the world.

November 23, 2015