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Online Slots can be FUN too!

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Playing Online Slots UK machines can certainly be a rewarding experience when playing for real money, however, it is important to remember that, like all games, having fun and enjoying your online experience should be important as well. There are a variety of themes and jackpot variations available at many online casino websites, many of them based on intellectual, film and TV, and historical properties. Each player has many options to choose from based on their preference and style of play.

A Few Good Games to Try out

1) The Three Stooges

That’s right, the world famous Three Stooges, seen in countless films and television shorts are available as an online casino slot machine option at most popular online casinos today. There are 20 pay-lines for this 5-reel game, making every spin a contender. Give it a try and see if you can out-stooge the Stooges!

2) Red White Blue 1,3, and 5 lines

Feeling patriotic today? Give one of these online machines a try and see if your patriotism pays off! Typically a progressive slot game at most casinos, this colorful online slot game will definitely get your blood pumping, senses tingling, and, with a little luck, your bank account skyrocketing! Continue reading

June 28, 2019

Types of Slot Games

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A slot machine, also known as poker machine, puggy, the slots or fruit machine is a simple casino gambling machine with a lever that spins the reels when pulled. Modern slots have a button you push to spin the reels and play the game, although many models still have a legacy lever.

Slot machines have a currency detector which recognizes and validates the currency inserted to play. The machine pays when certain symbols on the screen align once the spinning has stopped. Modern variations of slot games include online video slots which have become a huge hit since their invention. If you haven’t played online slots, you could try here.

Slot games can be divided into several categories. They can either be video slots, classic slots, jackpot slots, fruit slots, progressive jackpots slots and 3D slots among others.

Classic Slots

The term classic slot refers to the design of the slot machine. The first slot machines had 3 reels with fruit symbols on them and a lever which had to be pulled in order for the reels to turn. The classic slots had 3 reels, although this expanded later with multi payline slots. Continue reading

October 5, 2018

Discover Great Interactive Online Slots – The Perfect Boredom Breaker

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What’s it like to really break through boredom? For one, it’s absolutely satisfying. You’re not stuck wondering what to do, if you’re going to have enough time to do it, or even if you’ll really have a good time. When you have crushed boredom in its track, you just know it. One of the complaints we get often from readers is that they just aren’t sure how they can break through all of the tedious boredom stalking them at every turn. The answer is pretty simple: just check into interactive online slot games.

Here’s the thing about the interactive aspect of slots: it gives you something to do, and you never know what to expect. If you were assuming that all slot games online are the basic fruit machine type, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. There’s plenty of variety to choose from, as long as you go to the right place. Not all slot collections are created equal, and not every place has the goods, if you know what we mean.

On one of our favorite places to play slots, there are many different interactive online slots. Here’s a few of our favorites that should help you get moving in the right direction.

1. Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life Slot

Yggdrasil - The Tree of Life Slot
Here’s a theme that you don’t see very often in slot games: Norse mythology come to life. Yggdrasil is considered the tree of life in Norse tales, a precious thing. If you’re looking for a slot that has great features, you definitely have that here. This is a slot that follows the awesome 243 ways to win format, which means that you don’t have any paylines to worry about. If you have a winning combination, it pays out no matter which direction it’s in.

There’s a small bonus game where you can win extra coins, but really the 243 ways to win feature is the top one here. Check it out for yourself. We liked how the graphics were a little retro, yet still bold.

2. Cool Wolf

Cool Wolf slot
OK, so you might want something that has a little more to offer in the features department. Why not check out Cool Wolf? Not only do you still get the 243 ways to win format, but you also have multiple wild symbols that amplify the game. Free spins won’t be a problem in this game, either — you have a lot of them to choose from, and they can trigger even more free rounds. Always a plus.

3. Orion

Orion slot
We love the idea of a slot based on Greek mythology, especially one set up like Orion. It’s a 50 payline slot game with a neat 4×5 construction. You have stacked symbols to help you make more money. If you get three or more scatter symbols to appear, you get eight free spins. It might not sound like much, but you can trigger them again and again. Keep in mind that all of your bets and paylines during the free spin rounds are the same bet that brought you into the bonus round. That has the potential to put serious money in your pocket.

Don’t sell yourself short here: you deserve the best entertainment possible, without feeling like you’re being spoiled. If anything, you should be spoiled as a customer. Good service is hard to find these days, and good entertainment is the same way. Working hard all day doesn’t mean that you have to give up having a good time, after all. Focus on the positive stuff and you won’t have any trouble at all finding the games that speak to you the most. We hope you win big! 🙂

August 25, 2015

All you need to know to start playing slots today!

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Playing slots is probably on of the most exciting and fun games that you can play online at casinos, so you’ve already done a good job choosing which game to play! The massive £1 million slots jackpots that can be won can turn you into a millionaire overnight, which is something that virtually no other casino game can do.

Playing slots

Before you get started, here’s a quick guide and FAQ for playing online slots.

Types of Slots

When you sign up to an online casino and go to the slots section you’ll find that slots are broken up into different categories and sections. These are classic 3-reel slots, 5-reel video slot games, themed slots games with unique bonus features and round (e.g. Monopoly Slots), multi-payline slots, progressive jackpot slots and on some casinos – slots tournaments.

Monopoly Slots

Beginner slots players are best off signing up to a popular casino such as netbetcasino and sticking to the basic 3-reel slots games to begin with. These are the easiest games to play because the rules are very simple. As you get used to playing slots the traditional way you can then play more advanced games like Startburst, Monopoly and Cluedo which have their own bonus rounds and interactive games.

Are Online Slots Safe?

Safe casinos

As long as you sign up and play at a trusted casino with a good reputation than slots are entirely safe. Casino operators such as for example have been around for many years. All of the casinos we recommend offer excellent customer support, are licensed by the relevant authorities and use RNG technology to ensure fair play.

How to Make a Deposit Online?

deposit casinos

Unlike land-based slot machines where you insert coins directly into the game, when you play online you’ll need to fund your account beforehand using a Credit Card, eWallet (such as Skrill or Neteller) or Bank Transfer.

Funding an online casino account is very simple. Just visit the Cashier or Banking section of the site, click on Deposits, and then choose a method and deposit amount. Most casinos have an array of instant-deposit methods such as MasterCard, VISA, Bank Wire, Skrill, Neteller, EcoCard, Click2Pay, Ukash, UseMyWallet, InstaDebit, Check and more.

The minimum deposit at most online casinos is around £10, however in order to clear online casino bonuses in the games you normally have to make a minimum deposit of £25 – £50.

August 12, 2015

Slot Machines – Does Stopping a Slot Help Your Chances?

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There are some individuals who will only play slot machines they can stop manually. These are true gamblers, because they want control of their chances, as opposed to just hitting the spin button and hoping for the best. Over the years I’ve been asked if this truly gives a slot player an advantage, but the answer is NO.

There is no rhyme or reason to a slot machine. Individuals who spend hours trying to solve a slot machine’s algorithm are wasting their time. Still don’t believe it? Well, here is a tid-bit of information to give you a little more insight:

Slot Machines stop button

Understanding the Random Numbers

When you spin (or pull the lever) a slot machine, random numbers are created. These numbers have to land a certain way and in order for you to win money on any given spin. A good example of this would be the jackpot on the machine you’re playing. In order for all the WILDS to land on payline 1, the numbers have to be 162 (on a 3-reel). Then again, maybe it’s 999. No one really knows, not even the employees at the casino.

The same holds true to a 5-reel slot machine. Maybe the number is 83745 for the jackpot to hit. Whatever the case may be, there is no way of becoming Nostradamus and predicting when it will happen. The best analogy is itís like winning the lottery. You have just as good of a shot of hitting the jackpot on a manual spin as you would just letting the reels land on their own.

Casinos do have an Edge

Let’s say you have 5 different casinos close to your home. You play at each one for an hour and you play the same machine at all locations. Some of them do well while others aren’t even close to producing a win. Why is there such a difference? Well, casinos have rules and regulations like any other business. They are allowed to increase or decrease the payouts on their slots (to a degree). Continue reading

June 13, 2015

From then ‘til now: The complete history of slot machines

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The history of slot machines goes back to 1895 when a mechanic by the name of William Fey invented the Liberty Bell. This slot machine was very simple as far as the look went. However, it made a hit and offered people a lot of fun and the chance to win money, something that helped the slot machine to become popular very quickly. The Liberty Bell slot machine had diamonds, spades, and hearts on the reels, as well as a cracked Liberty Bell. Players would win the largest jackpot when they were able to get three of the Liberty Bell symbols.

Liberty Bell

The demand for the slot machine grew to be so large that Fey had a difficult time keeping up. In 1907 a gaming manufacturer, Herbert Mills, began selling knock offs of the machine. Since this time the slot machines have exploded and become some of the most popular and most played casino games in just about any land based casino. Online casinos bring yet another way for players to enjoy slot machines. Players can log into an online casino and play a large array of slots games.

slot machines

The slot machines of today vary so much that anyone can find one to spend time on that will keep them entertained for hours at a time. Plus, players with all sized budgets will have no problem finding many slots games that they can afford to play. The land based casinos offer slots games and just about all of the online casinos do as well. It doesn’t matter what you are generally into, there will be plenty of slots games out there that will accommodate your interests. However, when you think about the fact that they all came from one classic slot machine with a very simple design to it, the growth the slots have seen is more than impressive.

One of the things that a lot of people find to be great about the slot machines is they don’t require the players to pay especially close attention to the game and they can be played at one’s own pace. If you want to play a great game that gives you the chance to win a lot of money then you should give the slot machines a try. You will find them to be very entertaining and hopefully extremely profitable. You can check out the new slots available on the market today via Enjoy the game!

February 18, 2015

Why We Love Progressive Slot Jackpots

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If you’re looking for casino fun, you have to check out slots at least once or twice. The truth is that slots isn’t a game of skill but that’s the whole point. It’s high time that you gave the world of strategy games a break and focused on something that’s really going to make you feel good.  Even though we don’t know you personally, it goes without saying that our society is moving at lightning speed. This means that it’s time that you do something that’s just about relaxing. Life is already stressful as it is without adding more competition to it.

So if you want something that doesn’t need a heavy education to really be profitable at (trust us, you have to spend plenty of time playing poker for you to become profitable with it), it’s time to look at slots.

Of course, you don’t want to just look at any type of slot machine. You want to check out the progressive slot machine. If you’re dreaming about big winnings, the progressive slot machine is where you want to go. These are machines that have jackpots that are very, very large. You can even look up the biggest jackpots online so you know exactly where to go. And we did mention that you’re eligible for the same type of welcome bonus that those smarty pants poker players get? You get to skip all of the rigorous practice and still get a welcome bonus. If that’s not cool, we just aren’t sure what is these days.

Progressive Slot Jackpots Anyway, back to the money, shall we? The progressive slot machine works by increasing the jackpot based on how much money is actually in the machine. This means that the jackpot will grow as more people play, until somebody actually wins it.

Once you win the progressive jackpot, that’s life changing money that you can use for just about anything that you want. That could totally affect everything that you do. What would you do if money really wasn’t a factor in your decisions? Would you travel? Would you give back to the world around you? Would you want to wake up every day in a tub of jello? Okay, that last one was a little odd, but hey — everybody’s gotta have a dream.

If you’re going to get into hot slot action, you will definitely need to make sure that you’re thinking about the type of game that you actually want to play. The best thing that you can do is look at some review guides from comparison sites. That’s what’s going to lead you to a great casino that you can come back to over and over again.

The slots that have progressive jackpots are going to be a full color experience. Don’t worry about having problems with the casino. These days casinos really do go out of their way to make your experience as comfortable as comfortable as possible. Good luck!

December 10, 2014