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How To Become A Better Online Poker Player?

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Becoming a better online poker player is an ideal in which we would all strive towards, due to the benefits that it can pose in online tournaments, or even just against friends and family. Poker can be a rather frustrating game at times, but for the most part, competing in an online poker tournament can prove to be a lot of fun, especially if you are able to improve your skills and get further in the tournament and end up turning a bit profit on and below, we look at some of the ways in which you can become a better poker player.

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For the majority of online poker tournament, there is usually a big field of players so the game time to complete these poker tournaments can be several hours, so preparing yourself for the long haul is one of the most important factors in becoming a successful poker player. What this means is that being patient within the tournament and ensuring that you aren’t just jumping at every opportunity and waiting patiently to pounce when you are better posed is the best time, we can give to anyone who is wanting to become a better poker player. Success in a poker game online isn’t going to come quickly, so be ready for the lengthy game is important. Continue reading

May 11, 2021

Poker rewards on WSOP online

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Are you one of the thousands that like to play online poker games with the biggest name in the biz – the World Series of Poker? If so, are you aware of their poker rewards scheme? WSOPs scheme is designed specifically to reward player loyalty with cash prizes. For those wondering how the scheme works and how to get involved, we have you covered. Read on to learn all about poker rewards over on WSOP online…

Getting started

Fear not, there are no long, boring forms to fill out before you can start earning your rewards. You just need to be located in Delaware, New Jersey or Nevada, and be ready to participate in real money games where you can win cash prizes. Continue reading

November 1, 2018

Five Fatal Mistakes slowly killing Your Poker Game

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Ever played Mortal Kombat? You probably remember the “Fatality!” sound clip very well. It’s what we think about when some of our poker friends jump into the waters and ignore our advice. They’re bound for a fatality sooner or later, and it’s going to drain not just their cash, but their fun as well. See, poker is difficult to win because there are so many ways to look at the game. You need to think about variance, poker hand selection, early position, late position, expected value, poker outs… we could go on and on. There are whole books devoted just to basic poker strategy, let alone advanced strategy. You could spend a lifetime learning theory and reading great poker tips from sites like and still not be able to take down a pro poker player.

What do they have going on that you don’t? They don’t just settle for reading when they could get out there and do it. That’s the real truth about these players. They’re not just waiting for a miracle or hoping that everything will “just work out”. They’re thinking differently about the game and it definitely shows.

Let’s go into these mistakes, because we want you to improve your game as soon as possible.

1. Not Going Over the History

history poker
Did you hate history class in school? We have bad news for you: poker is a constant example of the past reliving itself over and over again. You’ll go over past hands so many times your eyes will blur. This is expected: if you aren’t studying how you play and your statistics, you’re going to be in for a rough time. The top players are constantly polishing their game, asking for suggestions, talking about how they could make their game better. You need to do these steps if you’re really concerned about playing better over time.

2. Rising to Every Bully Challenge

poker bluff
There will be bluffers at every table. There will also be players that look like bluffers, but are really just slow playing a hand and seeing who they can lure into the pot. The former category is annoying, but the latter category is dangerous. When you get the impression that you’re the smartest player at the table, it might be time to quit while you’re ahead. All it takes is a player using your ego against you, and you’re toast. Continue reading

April 8, 2016

Be a great poker player

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Money not lost is just as good as money won. In Texas Hold’em, this axiom is probably the single biggest difference between a mediocre player and a good player. Ironically, having the courage to lay down a losing hand, to essentially admit defeat, is what wins the big money poker tournaments.

Remember, the rules of Hold’em are simple. Each player is dealt two cards that only they can see, the flop, turn and river cards are all dealt face up, with a round of betting between each deal. The winner is the player who either makes the best hand or outlasts the other players at the table. Simple Right? Wrong!

Let’s take a look at a typical hand of No Limit Texas Hold’em. First you’re dealt two cards face down. Unless you posted a blind, you’re essentially looking at these cards for free. If you quit now, (and at a full table, you should be folding most of your hands right here) you won’t lose any money. This is important because too many players play every hand they are dealt, they’ll often limp in with a poor hand and raise with a decent hand, other players at the table will quickly pick up on this pattern of play and use it to their advantage.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve been dealt a deuce and a seven off-suit. You know this is a bad hand, but you’re feeling optimistic that you’ll get lucky on the flop so you call the blind (limp in). Unfortunately the player to your left either has a decent hand or simply senses your weakness and immediately raises – so now you have to either push more money into the pot or fold and forfeit the call you just made. Either way, this bad hand that could and should have been folded without cost is now eating away at your stack of chips. Costing you money that could have been bet later on when you actually have good cards.

Now keep in mind that anything can happen, that 2,7 off suit becomes a full house if you flop 7,7,2. However, lucky breaks like this, whether you’re playing online poker or a friendly game with a few friends, are few and far between. More times than not the player who sticks with these bad hands winds up walking home because he lost his cab fare on the “river”.

The point is, good players fold more often then not. An occasional bluff (if you have the fortitude to do it right) is fine, but to be successful in the long run you need to learn how to cut your losses so you can live to play another day.

April 28, 2015

Omaha 8 Strategies

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Playing Omaha hi lo can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Hands offer so many combinations that even experienced players and dealers can miss things. And not only are there six combinations of hole cards to look at when determining your hand, you also have to look for the high hand and the low hand. So playing Omaha hi lo with a winning strategy becomes even harder.

Consider this an introduction to the most basic of Omaha hi lo strategy basics: hand selection, concentration, and position. You can find more detailed analyses of specific Omaha hi lo strategic concepts in other sections.

Hand Selection

The biggest tactical mistake that most new Omaha hi lo players make is being too loose. A tight player plays only a limited number of hands, folding when the odds aren’t in her favor. A loose player, on the other hand, plays lots of hands and stays in action quite a bit. Since each Omaha hi lo player receives four cards preflop, there’s a tendency to see a lot of potential in a hand, and players tend to start with too many weak hands.

If you’re playing in low limit Omaha hi lo games, you can probably be a winning player by using a single strategy: player fewer, but better, starting hands than your opponents. Be selective. Make your starting cards prove to you that they should be played. And when the flop comes, make the combinations in your hand prove to you that you should continue in the hand.

Omaha 8


Not only do you have a lot of combinations to think about, you usually have to consider the possibility of a low hand getting half the pot. To keep up with what’s going on in an Omaha hi lo game, you must be able to concentrate. And sadly, schools don’t teach classes in concentration, and television has systematically lowered the attention span of most people. So here are some Omaha hi lo poker tactics related to maintaining your concentration:

  1. Get enough rest. If you’re sleepy, you can’t concentrate. In fact, missing four hours of sleep in a night can have the same impairment as being legally intoxicated.
  2. Stay sober. Drunks can’t concentrate any better than the sleep deprived. So if you’re going to drink something while playing Omaha hi lo, stick with coffee or water.
  3. Meditate. This might sound a little Zen and new-agey, but nothing improves someone’s concentration skills like practice. And meditation is the ultimate form of practicing your concentration skills. Continue reading
April 2, 2015

Changing Strategies

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Chances are that if you are a poker player you have a strategy that you rely on anytime that you decide to pick up the cards. But with that being said, is your poker strategy something that will allow you to win game in and game out? Do you still have confidence that your strategy will be able to place you above your competition more times than not? These are all questions that you will need to ask yourself. The fact of the matter is that you will always need to have one eye on your poker strategy. After all, this is pretty much what you will follow each time that you play the game.

The most important thing that you have to remember about your poker strategy is that it cannot remain the same. The strategy is different for the game you play, regular texas holdem and texas holdem strip poker have similar rules but require completely different mentalities to win.

As you advance as a player you must also make sure that you are advancing as a player. When you think about it, you cannot use the same poker strategy as an advanced player as you did when you first started competing. If you do, you are sure to get far behind from the get go. Instead, you need to make sure that your strategy advances as you move forward through the different stages of your career.

change poker strategy
Did you know that even the best poker players in the world are always looking for a way to take their game to the next level? This may be hard to believe, but the fact of the matter is that it is true. The players that you see on television must always look for an edge if they want to be out the rest of the players who are chasing after them. The second that they get happy with the type of results they are seeing is the second that they begin to lose more times than they care to.

In order to advance your poker strategy you should always be thinking about new ways of doing things. Not only should you take your game into consideration, but why not get pointers off of your competition as well. Did you like the way that a particular player bluffed their way to a win the last time you played? If so, you can take this and turn it into a smaller part of your poker strategy. Anytime that you can add to what you are doing you will have a very good chance of moving to the next step in your career.

As you can see, it is quite important that you always look for new ways to advance your strategy. If you become too comfortable with what you are doing you may find out that your competition is running right past you. The bottom line is that the more time you put in developing your poker strategy the better off you are going to be in the long run.

March 2, 2015