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The rise of online gaming and the level of security protection it provides

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Digital gambling is currently at its peak, and it has risen even further as a result of the global epidemic. Due to the closure of conventional betting shops and casinos, a rising number of people are gambling online, and thousands aren’t coming back to their local casino because they’re comfortable gambling virtually as from their own comfort and they also have the option to gamble whenever, wherever.

Due to the fact that they are thousands upon thousands online casino websites available, finding and settling in an online casino can be a challenging task, therefore, we have provided highly recommended virtual casinos and that has maximum protection and you can find them here. Continue reading

September 9, 2021

Learn how to Count Cards!

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino – while slots has dazzling special effects and the chance for a major jackpot, roulette offers the cool betting experience of putting everything in lady luck’s hands, the calm and methodical style of betting that comes with blackjack is known and loved by many punters. While appearing deceptively simple, by employing basic strategy to ensure you make the right choice you can help to improve your edge in the game. Whether you’re playing the live version over at bgo casino or in your local brick and mortar, the rules are the same and the strategy will help you make the right call. But if you want a more advanced way to ensure you make the right call when playing Blackjack, you might want to have a go at card counting. Continue reading

November 21, 2018

Top tips for learning Black Jack Skills

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If you want to do well when you are playing black jack in a casino, you will need to not only know the rules of the game, but be aware of tactics as well. If you just start paying to play right away, you could find that you lose your money very quickly. Although the odds will always be against you anyway, if you can improve your game skills, you will improve your chances of winning.

Firstly you need to be aware of the rules of the game and how you win. This is fairly straightforward. However, you then need to be aware of some of the tactics of the game so that you can increase your chances of beating the other players. Despite being a simple game, you will still do better if you give the game some thought.

There are many resources out there which will help you with this. You will find books, articles and websites that will have information that will allow you to learn more about the game. However, reading about it is one thing, but practising it is something else. When you are playing in a casino for real money, you may feel the pressure and that you have to succeed. This could lead to mistakes and so you want to be confident and well practised. It can be wise to also make sure that you can add up really quickly. Knowing the values of the cards and adding them up quickly will mean that you can make decisions more quickly in the game. This means that even just toning up your basic arithmetic skills could be useful. When you are playing a game online you may have limited time to make a decision, so you will want to be able to add up your card values really quickly so that you can start deciding what to do. If you take a long time to work it out, you will have less time to analyse the situation and this could make you panic and do something unwise. You may even be more likely to take risks when you panic which could lead to trouble for you. Continue reading

May 31, 2017

How to Have the Most Fun Playing Blackjack

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There are many different card games that you can play online. Some people prefer one player games such as solitaire but there are many people that enjoy the casino games such as Blackjack. In the game of blackjack you basically have to make a total of 21 with your cards and it is quite a simple game. If you play it without gambling for money, it can actually be quite dull. However, if you play for money then it can make things a lot more exciting.

If you have the risk of losing money when you do not concentrate hard on playing and also have the thrill of winning money if you play well then this can make a huge difference to the game. It means that the results of the game actually mean something and so you will be far more interested.

You may feel that losing money will make the game less fun, but as long as you win some of the time then you should find that you enjoy it more than playing without money being involved. The thrill of winning is all the greater for knowing that you will win some money as well as just knowing that you have won the game.

It can be difficult taking money off friends and family sometimes though, especially if you know that they could not really afford to lose it. Therefore sometimes it is easier if you play against strangers which is something that you can do if you play online.

Playing Blackjack
There are many places to play and they can be exciting. You will want to see what places are available though as you will want to find a game that suits you. Something that suits your skills, perhaps you might want a beginners game or something more advanced. You might be concerned about how much each game will cost so look for something cheaper. You might want to find a place that has a theme or where you can chat to other people while playing with them. Some people prefer playing a variety of games and some sites will provide this and so you get a bigger selection making things more fun.

There are a lot of ways to make playing blackjack more fun. Usually playing for money is more fun than not and playing online could be better than playing with friends. You may also find that some sites are more fun than others and it can be good to try out different ones and see how they are different.

March 30, 2015

What You Might Want to Take Into Account When Playing Blackjack

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Blackjack is not at all an easy game to understand properly. Millions of people are playing it every single day and most of them are constantly losing money. This is usually due to the fact that they are not properly informed and their strategy is not a correct one.

Whenever you sit down and you play blackjack in a regular casino or online, there are many things that you need to learn. UK blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world and this is due to the fact that the players do have a good chance of making money as opposed to other casino games like craps, where it will be a lot more complicated to achieve success.

Make sure that you are going to take into account the tips mentioned below to increase your chances of making a profit.

Table selection

One thing that few will take into account is table selection. It is just as important as in poker when playing blackjack. You should never think that it is a really good idea to simply go to the first blackjack table that you are going to see in a casino or opt for the first open seat. It is highly recommended that you first take a stroll and you look at the tables that are available. Look at the tables that see players winning by looking at the chip stacks that are in front of them. In the event that you find a table where the bankrolls seem really high, there is a strong chance that the table is one that the casino is currently losing at so it is favorable for you. Another way to locate a really good table is to find players that bet generously. This is usually a sign that the player is expecting a nice return on the investment.

Playing Blackjack

Whenever you locate a table like the one that is described you should jump in the middle. This is basically a dealer breaking table and it means that the dealer will break around 75% of the hands while in a normal case, dealer breaking is somewhere around 25%. You can easily imagine the potential that is present in this case. The tables that offer such high profitability are rare but you might end up finding one. These are basically cycles that happen and that offer advantages to players.

Keep in mind that in order to win at blackjack, it is highly recommended that you use basic strategy. This is your best possible weapon to become a winner. Basic strategy is available for free online. There are different charts that will teach you how to react and you have to remember that the house will always have an edge over the player of around 5 to 6 percent. Basic strategy use will reduce the edge to around 1%. Take a look at the picture below to see the blackjack basic strategy.

odds-on-blackjack-strategyBlackjack Insurance

As soon as you look at the blackjack table, you are surely going to notice the insurance section in the layout. It is quite incredible to notice how many people are not aware about what insurance is and how it should be used. Continue reading

August 12, 2014

Tips to winning at blackjack

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Casinos have become extremely popular over the last few years and with today’s online casinos such as Jackpot City’s UK online casino, it is possible to bring the gaming into one’s home. Many of today’s electronic devices can access online casino gaming. The casino game of blackjack is well loved for its blend of strategy, risk and excitement.

While most casino games require mainly luck to play, blackjack is the exception. Not only does it require luck but players must be skilled at it as well. With this game, it is quite possible to increase the odds of winning by implementing some strategies.

winning at blackjack
The key to being a successful blackjack player is to know what to do based upon your card count. Card count is the value of the cards the dealer has placed face down on the table. Depending on the value of the dealer’s face up card, certain actions can be taken.

In cases where the dealer has a card of 7 or higher showing, then the player should always hit a hand that is a soft 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17. In situations where the dealer’s card is worth ten points, then it is advisable for a player with a soft 17 to take a hit. A soft hand involves an ace. In this hand, that ace is being counted as 11 points. It is soft because it could change as an ace may also be counted as a one. So, it the card count is busted, the player can opt to make the ace worth one.

Doubling down can be a real money maker in blackjack when it is used in an appropriate manner. This particular option is only available to the player. The dealer cannot do this. Therefore, taking advantages of it wherever possible can help augment one’s winnings substantially. With doubling down, the player’s wager on that blackjack hand is doubled.

Then the player only gets on more card. If the hand ends up winning it for the player, the amount of winnings are doubled.

February 28, 2014

Learning Blackjack

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We’ve all had dreams of becoming experts at the game of blackjack before making a living from the glamorous world of offline and online casino. The reality sadly is that many people fail to learn the basics well, and so doom themselves to a life of lost bankroll after lost bankroll. We’ve taken a look at some of the fundamental points of blackjack that you need to be aware of in order to make some money, and keep the enjoyment in your session.

Whenever you start a blackjack session, you will need to wager a bet equal to or greater than the minimum set by those in charge of the table. Depending upon what casino you’re in, and whether it’s an online, a mobile version or an offline version, you may need to pay out as much as $10. In Las Vegas, for instance, where casinos have extremely high overheads, $10 is the norm for a minimum bet, whilst online where many more games can be played and completed per hour, you can find much smaller minimum bets, with some operators setting the limit as low as $1.

After placing your initial bet, you’ll find yourself dealt two cards face up. The dealer will deal themselves one card face down and another face up. It’s at this point that you need to choose whether to stand, so stick with your cards, or hit, which means taking another card from the dealer. You need to bear in mind at all times when playing blackjack that the aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. The dealer’s aim is the same, but they must stick to a couple of additional restrictions, namely that they need to keep dealing until their total tallies up to at least 17, and also they will need to stick if their first two cards total 17.

There are so many blackjack strategies out there that you can base a game on, but ultimately it can pay to keep things simple. So, remember that if your initial score is low, you’ll need to hit. If it is high, then you will need to stand. Simple!

Spend some time trying out these basic principles and, once you feel comfortable with them and haven’t lost too much money, move on to some of the more intricate theories to help you win money playing blackjack.

The best thing about these casino games is that they can be played at home as well with you friends. You can play blackjack, poker, roulette etc. Pick up some custom poker chips and use them for the next casino game you play at home.

January 30, 2014