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Why has online bingo become so popular amongst gamblers?

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Online bingo has become one of the most played games across poker sites not on gamstop due to there being a large selection of different bingo games to choose from. Online bingo is an exciting game for many to play due to the game being a great form of entertainment and since moving to online platforms it has only become more popular amongst the gambling community.

The rise in online bingo

Online bingo has quickly become one of the most played games across online casinos due to the game providing a great game for entertainment purposes and the chances to win some money as well. Bingo has always been a popular game with thousands of bingo fans heading down to the local bingo halls each week, sometimes every day.  Continue reading

April 21, 2022

Bingo turns to online platforms

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The pandemic made a lot of industries shut the doors to its customers and one industry that was hit hard due to covid was the bingo industry. Bingo halls were a place many people used to go to, to socialise and have a great time with either family or friends.

Land-based casinos had to close their doors and move to online like the ones here at CNOG who have taken full advantage of being an online based platform. The gambling industry was hit hard by the pandemic but luckily, they turned to an online platform which has seen them see a huge increase in its users. bingo has always been a very popular thing for many people to do, a lot of online bingo games have seen great success since taking the decision to move to online. There are a lot of bingo companies that are now looking to set up an online platform after seeing the success of many rival companies. Continue reading

October 7, 2021

Bingo keeps the mind active

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It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise helps you to live longer and a combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation makes for a very healthy formula.

On the subject of mental stimulation, there are few better ways as enjoyable to achieve this than through a good old-fashioned game of bingo. This is exactly what Milly Smith has done and it’s what she credits her old age to.

For over 30 years now Milly has been getting out of the house on a regular basis to go for a game of bingo in her local hall, Milly is now 100 years old and this year she received a telegraph from the Queen to mark her milestone birthday.


Aswell as bingo, in her spare time she enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles, sometimes with as many as 1,000 pieces!

Milly isn’t the first person who claims bingo has helped her to maintain good mental health, the game has received lots of credit from various sources, take the academic study below as an example.

Julie Winstone from Southampton Univeristy who researched into this area says that players were faster and more accurate than non-bingo players when participating in tasks to measure their mental speed, the ability to quickly find information and memorise it.

The results of the research were of little surprise to the National Bingo Association, they stated that out of the three million people who enjoy the game, the average age is 49 years.

The experiments undertaken by Ms Winstone were done in a controlled manner; she firstly recruited 112 people, half of which were bingo players- she divided them into groups, 18-40 year olds and 60-82 year olds.

The testing involved asking both groups to scan a grid for single digits, pairs of digits and finally three digits. The findings were that the old bingo players were faster and made fewer errors than the old non-bingo players and indeed the young.

She attributed the finding to the fact that in bingo it is crucial not to miss any numbers and that attention must be held for several hours, both of these aspects require good mental strength and give good opportunity to develop, maintain and improve them.

There are of course many other positive aspects for people to enjoy whilst they go and play bingo, after all, the game is inexpensive, and there is a fair chance of winning some money. Also bingo halls are generally very sociable places and they usually serve quality low cost food and beverages to their customers.

Nowadays thanks to advances in technology bingo can be enjoyed from the comfort of peoples homes online.

So all things being equal, it seems that doctors orders number 9 (a call sign in bingo) may sum up the game itself!

May 28, 2016

Mobile Gaming: Development over the Years

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Like many other areas in our lives, gaming has recently enjoyed an explosion in the quality and variety of games available through mobile technologies. Whether it’s a highly imaginative shoot-em-up game, or even a traditional table game of cards, the entertainment options offered by mobile phones are seemingly limitless.

Whereas just over a decade ago gamers were restricted in their gaming habits to bulky desktop computers and stand-alone consoles, now just about anybody can enjoy gaming via their mobile device, and here are a few of the ways in which the mobile gaming revolution has occurred.

mobile gaming

Given that there are now more mobile phones in the world than humans, it’s no surprise that this rapid growth has enabled the mobile gaming revolution. It was with the rise of smartphones such as the iPhone that mobile gaming options really developed beyond the simplistic games of Snake and Tetris offered by more primitive mobile phone technologies.

Games developers were quick to realise the potential offered by mobile devices that enabled users to download a huge variety of games via platform-specific app stores. And similarly, the flagging traditional entertainment industries of music and movies have sought to bolster their revenues by adapting their output to mobile-specific games.

As such, there have been many branded slots games that bear the likeness of films such as Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones at online casino sites that offer gamers a quick and easy way to play the games at their own convenience, whilst increasing the films’ exposure in the digital domain. Continue reading

November 23, 2015

3 Things Bingo Does For Your Brain

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Can you improve your brain through playing games? Current research says this is the case, for a variety of reasons. But if you’re going to play games online, you might as well play games for real money. There are three key things that bingo brings to this goal, and you get to make money while you enjoy these benefits.

First, bingo helps you fix boredom. Boredom is a sign that we don’t have enough activity to stimulate our brains. When you log on to play bingo, you’re presented with multiple options to pass away the time. It’s up to you to figure out which bingo room that you really want to play in.

bingo brain
Next, bingo helps give you a chance to concentrate more than you ever have before. If you really want a challenge, try playing eight cards where you don’t have auto-daub turned on. This means that you’re going to have to listen carefully to every single number called, and then mark the numbers to get the bingo. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Most people that end up playing multiple cards in this format say that it’s just as hard as traditional “speed bingo”. They have to work at it before they get it right. If you want the winnings without the hassle, you might want to try going with auto-daub rather than trying to track all of the numbers on your own.

Finally, the best thing bingo does for your brain is give you a new way of making new friends. The idea that everyone has equal chances to make friends in real life is laughable at best. The real truth here is that it takes time and effort to make friends. What if you live in a more remote place, where new people are harder to find than if you live in a more populated part of the country? That can make it difficult to find people that are interested in the same things you are. It’s also hard to give yourself space to really make friends, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Go online and play some bingo, where you can chat as you play. With auto-daub rooms, you can focus on socializing rather than thinking about the numbers all the time.

You can check out an awesome site to play no deposit bingo, just in case you wanted to check it out for yourself. The important thing to take away form this is that if you want to fix boredom, improve your concentration, and find a different way to socialize with people, online bingo is worth checking out. Try it today!

October 16, 2015

Uniqueness is all we need in an online bingo site

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Online Bingo the most popular game in the whole of UK has charmed all the bingo lovers with its uniqueness. Long gone are the days when people used to dress up for the traditional bingo halls, since all the fun is just available for them at their own conveniences.

New Look Bingo a considerably modern site launched in the year 2013, is offering all the fun in the right proportion. The site has even evolved a lot in their looks from being a cartoonish site to a completely refined avatar with the hues of green and chocolate brown. It has transitioned not only in terms of site appearance but also by providing a unique set of games and promotions along with an active social media presence.


They have the perfect set of ever-favored bingo classics like 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games in 12 exclusive bingo rooms. They have unique games in store for all kinds of players. Their recent alliances with Microgaming and Eyecon, two of the most renowned casino software provider, allows them to offer the players with an impressive collection of instant games.

This site has always excelled in terms of massive offers and unique promotions. Hence, from the moment the players sign up, they are showered with an exciting no deposit bonus of £5. Along with this the newbies get to savor on a welcome package of 500%, 350% and 300% bonuses on their first three deposits respectively.

All of this are accompanied by an extremely distinctive set of promotions like the most loved and preferred Daily Raffle Fiesta. Here, players get relish on a special treat everyday in the form of casono cash and bonuses.

Followed by the most therapizing Jackpot Jacuzzi promotion, where 3 special jackpot rooms are available for the players to hop on and have a refreshing bingo therapy in this month of August.

Moreover, New Look Bingo prefers to maintain a close relationship with their players by engaging with them in various ways and also by rewarding them with captivating prizes. So, why don’t you have a look at this website and decide for yourself on whether if its worth it.

August 17, 2015

Why We Return to Online Bingo, Time and Time Again

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We’re huge fans of online bingo, but we don’t often talk in detail of why we’re really so hooked on the game in general. The truth is that online bingo satisfies our boredom very well. It’s something that we don’t really have to think about, compared to other games. We like baccarat, craps, roulette, and blackjack, but these are all games that require a little bit more setup in order to really enjoy them to the fullest. Same with poker: as fun as the game is, do we really want to commit that type of brainpower after a long, stressful day at work? Not at all. That’s what brings us right back to online bingo: it doesn’t take much out of us and it’s a great chance to just unwind. We can’t take all of the stress out of life, but we certainly can make it so that we’re not having to always deal with so much stress all the time. Taking time to recover is a very smart idea.

Online Bingo

And this brings us to the heart of why we’re absolutely crazy about online bingo: there’s always something to do. We love to play progressive jackpot games, because the longer someone goes without winning the pot, the more the pot increases. How many real life situations have this feature, especially in terms of entertainment? Not many. If you go to a real time casino, you could probably play a progressive game or two. But how many of us are lucky enough to live very close to a casino. For many, it would take a plane ride or at least a long car ride to be at a casino. That’s money that you don’t necessarily have to spend just to have a good time. Stay home and go online instead, where you can be playing bingo in mere minutes rather than hours.

If you want a great place to play bingo online, just click here. It’s going to give you plenty of options to have a great time. Also, you just never know how you might meet while you’re playing bingo. Plenty of people have made interesting friendships over this very common activity. Check it out today!

May 11, 2015