Battle of Giants: Slots vs. Roulette

With two wins in a row, so far slots are standing firmly on top of the gambling food chain. The question on everyone’s lips is: can they do it again? Well, perhaps they can.

We’ll admit that there aren’t any definitive criteria by which the winner of the battles is decided and that our subjective view plays big part in it. But subjectivity doesn’t change the fact that the players from all over the world love slots. Australia in particular has developed deep affection with the lucky machines. It’s true that there are other beloved casino games and the two previous contestants in these battles are amongst them. But if there is one clear advantage that slots have over blackjack and poker, it’s the simplicity of the game. We are not saying that there is something wrong with complex games, such statement would sound ridiculously. But the fact that there is no learning curve in slots makes them easier starting choice for players who are new to gambling. That’s why the majority of gamblers in the world play slots. Australia and New Zealand have one of these machines in almost every bar and casino.

So, the fundamental flaw in all of our previous battles is that we put slots against games with steep learning curves that often scare newcomers. We’ll have to fix the problem and for our next battle we call out on the ring one true legend amongst casino games: roulette.

Roulette is nearly as simple as slots really. When the big wheel (we should probably call it the little wheel, since that is what “roulette” means in French) is spun and the ball is thrown in it, a player only has to decide on which numbers to place his or her bet. This is one of the advantages or roulette over slots. There are more betting options that players can choose from and different betting strategies can be used. The same cannot be said about slots. Australia and its casinos often feature side games to slots, where players can bet on suit or color in addition to the typical bets, but other than that there isn’t much more to it.

On the other hand, roulette offers numerous options to the players. They can bet on a specific number or numbers, they can bet on color or a dozen and so on. Some of the most popular roulette bets are: straight, split, trio, corner, top line, and etc. These bets depend on the layout of the roulette (for example, top line is only possible on a “double-zero” layout only). There are also outside bets like Black or Red, Odds or Evens and so on.

Slots answer that with multiple pay lines or winning combinations. You don’t have the flexibility to vary your bets, but you can win in more ways on slots. It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s a decent counter, at least in our books.

Other than that, the two games are really similar. They both are decided by pure luck and there is spinning in both of them too. Also, the odds are slightly in favor of the casino. So it’s really up to you to decide whether to go with roulette or slots. Australia most certainly has plenty of casinos where you can play on either of these great games.

December 3, 2013