From then ‘til now: The complete history of slot machines

The history of slot machines goes back to 1895 when a mechanic by the name of William Fey invented the Liberty Bell. This slot machine was very simple as far as the look went. However, it made a hit and offered people a lot of fun and the chance to win money, something that helped the slot machine to become popular very quickly. The Liberty Bell slot machine had diamonds, spades, and hearts on the reels, as well as a cracked Liberty Bell. Players would win the largest jackpot when they were able to get three of the Liberty Bell symbols.

Liberty Bell

The demand for the slot machine grew to be so large that Fey had a difficult time keeping up. In 1907 a gaming manufacturer, Herbert Mills, began selling knock offs of the machine. Since this time the slot machines have exploded and become some of the most popular and most played casino games in just about any land based casino. Online casinos bring yet another way for players to enjoy slot machines. Players can log into an online casino and play a large array of slots games.

slot machines

The slot machines of today vary so much that anyone can find one to spend time on that will keep them entertained for hours at a time. Plus, players with all sized budgets will have no problem finding many slots games that they can afford to play. The land based casinos offer slots games and just about all of the online casinos do as well. It doesn’t matter what you are generally into, there will be plenty of slots games out there that will accommodate your interests. However, when you think about the fact that they all came from one classic slot machine with a very simple design to it, the growth the slots have seen is more than impressive.

One of the things that a lot of people find to be great about the slot machines is they don’t require the players to pay especially close attention to the game and they can be played at one’s own pace. If you want to play a great game that gives you the chance to win a lot of money then you should give the slot machines a try. You will find them to be very entertaining and hopefully extremely profitable. You can check out the new slots available on the market today via Enjoy the game!

February 18, 2015