Slot Machines – Does Stopping a Slot Help Your Chances?

There are some individuals who will only play slot machines they can stop manually. These are true gamblers, because they want control of their chances, as opposed to just hitting the spin button and hoping for the best. Over the years I’ve been asked if this truly gives a slot player an advantage, but the answer is NO.

There is no rhyme or reason to a slot machine. Individuals who spend hours trying to solve a slot machine’s algorithm are wasting their time. Still don’t believe it? Well, here is a tid-bit of information to give you a little more insight:

Slot Machines stop button

Understanding the Random Numbers

When you spin (or pull the lever) a slot machine, random numbers are created. These numbers have to land a certain way and in order for you to win money on any given spin. A good example of this would be the jackpot on the machine you’re playing. In order for all the WILDS to land on payline 1, the numbers have to be 162 (on a 3-reel). Then again, maybe it’s 999. No one really knows, not even the employees at the casino.

The same holds true to a 5-reel slot machine. Maybe the number is 83745 for the jackpot to hit. Whatever the case may be, there is no way of becoming Nostradamus and predicting when it will happen. The best analogy is itís like winning the lottery. You have just as good of a shot of hitting the jackpot on a manual spin as you would just letting the reels land on their own.

Casinos do have an Edge

Let’s say you have 5 different casinos close to your home. You play at each one for an hour and you play the same machine at all locations. Some of them do well while others aren’t even close to producing a win. Why is there such a difference? Well, casinos have rules and regulations like any other business. They are allowed to increase or decrease the payouts on their slots (to a degree).

This is why when you go to a new casino, machines will hit more often, even though sometimes you don’t get a return on your money. You might also see this when a casino releases a “new hot game.” In our opinion, they are just trying to get you hooked on that game. Even if you win this time, it’s most likely you will go back to the same game in hopes of winning again.

Whether you’re playing in an online casino or real slots down the road, stopping reels will not increase your chances. You might get lucky here and there, but it’s the same amount of luck as if you played normal. A better approach is to know when a machine goes cold. You’re better off getting up and moving to a different machine, because it will stretch your money and give you more chances to win at different games.

June 13, 2015