Five Fatal Mistakes slowly killing Your Poker Game

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Ever played Mortal Kombat? You probably remember the “Fatality!” sound clip very well. It’s what we think about when some of our poker friends jump into the waters and ignore our advice. They’re bound for a fatality sooner or later, and it’s going to drain not just their cash, but their fun as well. See, poker is difficult to win because there are so many ways to look at the game. You need to think about variance, poker hand selection, early position, late position, expected value, poker outs… we could go on and on. There are whole books devoted just to basic poker strategy, let alone advanced strategy. You could spend a lifetime learning theory and reading great poker tips from sites like and still not be able to take down a pro poker player.

What do they have going on that you don’t? They don’t just settle for reading when they could get out there and do it. That’s the real truth about these players. They’re not just waiting for a miracle or hoping that everything will “just work out”. They’re thinking differently about the game and it definitely shows.

Let’s go into these mistakes, because we want you to improve your game as soon as possible.

1. Not Going Over the History

history poker
Did you hate history class in school? We have bad news for you: poker is a constant example of the past reliving itself over and over again. You’ll go over past hands so many times your eyes will blur. This is expected: if you aren’t studying how you play and your statistics, you’re going to be in for a rough time. The top players are constantly polishing their game, asking for suggestions, talking about how they could make their game better. You need to do these steps if you’re really concerned about playing better over time.

2. Rising to Every Bully Challenge

poker bluff
There will be bluffers at every table. There will also be players that look like bluffers, but are really just slow playing a hand and seeing who they can lure into the pot. The former category is annoying, but the latter category is dangerous. When you get the impression that you’re the smartest player at the table, it might be time to quit while you’re ahead. All it takes is a player using your ego against you, and you’re toast. Continue reading

April 8, 2016

Tips for success with Online Sic Bo

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If you’re using online casinos as a way to access gambling opportunities, you’ll find that Sic Bo is a common Asian game which you can enjoy. Using three equally sized and numbered dice, players bet on the total sum of the numbers rolled. It’s important with all games to research the tips and tricks of certain games to help you succeed. Whilst many games have a certain degree of strategy to them, winning with Sic Bo is all about the bets that you place as you have no control over how the dice fall. And, if you want to see your online Sic Bo career move in a positive direction, then there are some betting tips that you should consider.

1. Find the Best House Edge

All casinos have a house edge whether they’re real world venues or online establishments. House edge is the term which is given to odds which are against your favor, with the larger the house edge number effectively meaning that you are less likely to win. This increases the risk that you’ll lose your bankroll, so when playing Sic Bo at online casinos, it’s important that you use a venue where the house edge is as small as possible and provides you with the least possible risk of losing.

Online Sic Bo

2. Choosing the Best Bets

Whilst there are a range of bets that you can use, the two main forms of Sic Bo wagers that will see you win consistently, are the small and big bets. Various casinos, both online and real world, will have different pay tables, meaning that bets will have different rewards depending on where you’re playing. However, sticking with big and small bets can offer the best chance to maintain a steady and continuous stream of wins. For both small and big bets, the probability of winning is around 48.6per cent. Meanwhile, with a house edge of just 2.78per cent, the odds are really stacked in your favor of winning, providing you with a larger chance of winning. And, by choosing venues with smaller house edges, you can increase your odds further.

3. Play Sic Bo Online

If you’ve played Sic Bo in a real world casino, you’ll already know your craft well. However, you will often find that playing from home actually offers you a better house edge than land based casinos. Sic Bo is essentially a game of chance, with the no way to predict which way the three dice will roll. However, by changing your betting options and choosing options which will give you the best house edge, playing online can significantly help your success.

4. Avoid Foolish Bets

One way to avoid losing money is to make sure that you are careful with you wagers and make sure that you don’t place bets which will always give you high risk. One such example is betting that all three dice show the same number, with the house edge highly against you in these triple number circumstances. Continue reading

February 21, 2016

Live Betting Is Truly One of the Best Experiences Around

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When you go online to play all of your favorite games, it should go without saying that you’re looking to make sure that you enjoy the experience as much as possible. We’re always on the hunt for ways that you can expand your game, make more money, have a good time and even make friends while you play. After all, gambling is an interest that a lot of people share. Even if your close circle of friends isn’t really into playing real money games, chances are good that you can go online and find a bunch of people that love the hobby dearly.

But here’s what can really amplify your experience: live betting. In fact, there are three reasons why you need to look again at live betting:

1. More Interaction

Why be a lonely island in the gaming world, when there are truly so many people that wish to speak with you? You’re better off looking into any and all methods to have a good time. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked with all of the details. Go to the live tables and just start talking. How will you make friends if you don’t try at least a little bit, right?

live casino games

live casino games

2. Chances for Error

If you’re playing something like blackjack, there’s a chance that the dealer is definitely not going to play a perfect game. With a computer, you have a bigger risk of losing because the computer uses certain algorithms in a certain way, and it’s very important that you take all of that into consideration. With blackjack, the key is to learn what the basic strategy is so that you can win more than you lose, and lower the house advantage. Since this is one of the few games where you can even the score a bit, we suggest that you look for live blackjack as much as possible.

3. Small Incentives

Some live dealers have the power to give the players at the table small incentives for being three. While some players think that this is silly, the reality is that any chance you have to make a little stretch to your bankroll is a good thing. If you have to add more money constantly, you’re not going to enjoy playing all that much. Take note of the mall incentives and try to be a good player at the table. The live dealer is still a person with feelings, and they would get really hurt if you decided to just hurt them to make yourself look better. A little kindness definitely goes a long way.

Overall, we think that the live betting experience is awesome. Chat up the dealer, make some new friends, and see how much you can win today!

December 19, 2015

Mobile Gaming: Development over the Years

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Like many other areas in our lives, gaming has recently enjoyed an explosion in the quality and variety of games available through mobile technologies. Whether it’s a highly imaginative shoot-em-up game, or even a traditional table game of cards, the entertainment options offered by mobile phones are seemingly limitless.

Whereas just over a decade ago gamers were restricted in their gaming habits to bulky desktop computers and stand-alone consoles, now just about anybody can enjoy gaming via their mobile device, and here are a few of the ways in which the mobile gaming revolution has occurred.

mobile gaming

Given that there are now more mobile phones in the world than humans, it’s no surprise that this rapid growth has enabled the mobile gaming revolution. It was with the rise of smartphones such as the iPhone that mobile gaming options really developed beyond the simplistic games of Snake and Tetris offered by more primitive mobile phone technologies.

Games developers were quick to realise the potential offered by mobile devices that enabled users to download a huge variety of games via platform-specific app stores. And similarly, the flagging traditional entertainment industries of music and movies have sought to bolster their revenues by adapting their output to mobile-specific games.

As such, there have been many branded slots games that bear the likeness of films such as Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones at online casino sites that offer gamers a quick and easy way to play the games at their own convenience, whilst increasing the films’ exposure in the digital domain. Continue reading

November 23, 2015

3 Things Bingo Does For Your Brain

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Can you improve your brain through playing games? Current research says this is the case, for a variety of reasons. But if you’re going to play games online, you might as well play games for real money. There are three key things that bingo brings to this goal, and you get to make money while you enjoy these benefits.

First, bingo helps you fix boredom. Boredom is a sign that we don’t have enough activity to stimulate our brains. When you log on to play bingo, you’re presented with multiple options to pass away the time. It’s up to you to figure out which bingo room that you really want to play in.

bingo brain
Next, bingo helps give you a chance to concentrate more than you ever have before. If you really want a challenge, try playing eight cards where you don’t have auto-daub turned on. This means that you’re going to have to listen carefully to every single number called, and then mark the numbers to get the bingo. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Most people that end up playing multiple cards in this format say that it’s just as hard as traditional “speed bingo”. They have to work at it before they get it right. If you want the winnings without the hassle, you might want to try going with auto-daub rather than trying to track all of the numbers on your own.

Finally, the best thing bingo does for your brain is give you a new way of making new friends. The idea that everyone has equal chances to make friends in real life is laughable at best. The real truth here is that it takes time and effort to make friends. What if you live in a more remote place, where new people are harder to find than if you live in a more populated part of the country? That can make it difficult to find people that are interested in the same things you are. It’s also hard to give yourself space to really make friends, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Go online and play some bingo, where you can chat as you play. With auto-daub rooms, you can focus on socializing rather than thinking about the numbers all the time.

You can check out an awesome site to play no deposit bingo, just in case you wanted to check it out for yourself. The important thing to take away form this is that if you want to fix boredom, improve your concentration, and find a different way to socialize with people, online bingo is worth checking out. Try it today!

October 16, 2015

Bonus Hunting Really Can Pay Off

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Are you looking at trying to pocket more cash into your casino account? You don’t have to take out that part time job to do so. All you have to do is look out for great casino welcome bonuses. After all, there’s no law saying that you must play at only one casino, and the casinos definitely know that. So they come at you hot and heavy with a lot of different advertisements, done in a lot of different manners. They want to really get you thinking about trying to invest money into their casino and only their casino. But you, as the smart gambler, know that such a thing isn’t in your best interests. All you really have to do is focus on what matters — getting more gambling money. Find new paypal casino sites you can explore for amazing bonuses and make your money last longer when you play your favorite games!

Bonus hunting is the process of looking for multiple offers around what you like to do. There are sites devoted to showing you the best bonuses around, and you don’t have to spend all day looking. That’s what the site owners do. Now, you might wonder why someone would take the time to compile a list of all of that information. However, there’s a good reason for that — they make a little bit of money from the casino every time someone signs up. Don’t get mad — it’s not like it’s costing you anything extra. You get the information for free and they get a reward for putting it together. I see no reason why these fine site owners shouldn’t get a commission. They’re giving you clean, accurate information that took them hours to put together.


Bonus hunting is great because you also get a little bit of information on every casino. There are some casinos that offer recurring bonuses every time you deposit money. Could you imagine having your deposit matched? That’s more money that you can use to really dominate your opponents. If you play slots, then you’ll really love bonuses because they help you get more entertainment in. You could play slots for hours on some of the bonuses that the casinos have.

Keep in mind that these bonuses aren’t just for the whales — small time players get bonuses too. But if you are a high roller, you should definitely look out for bonuses designed to meet your specific needs. If you’re planning on bringing a big bankroll to the casino online, wouldn’t you want to be recognized for it? Wouldn’t you want to have that much more to build your casino empire with? It’s only fair, you know.

Dive into those casino bonuses, and really consider what type of experience you want to have.

September 11, 2015

Discover Great Interactive Online Slots – The Perfect Boredom Breaker

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What’s it like to really break through boredom? For one, it’s absolutely satisfying. You’re not stuck wondering what to do, if you’re going to have enough time to do it, or even if you’ll really have a good time. When you have crushed boredom in its track, you just know it. One of the complaints we get often from readers is that they just aren’t sure how they can break through all of the tedious boredom stalking them at every turn. The answer is pretty simple: just check into interactive online slot games.

Here’s the thing about the interactive aspect of slots: it gives you something to do, and you never know what to expect. If you were assuming that all slot games online are the basic fruit machine type, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. There’s plenty of variety to choose from, as long as you go to the right place. Not all slot collections are created equal, and not every place has the goods, if you know what we mean.

On one of our favorite places to play slots, there are many different interactive online slots. Here’s a few of our favorites that should help you get moving in the right direction.

1. Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life Slot

Yggdrasil - The Tree of Life Slot
Here’s a theme that you don’t see very often in slot games: Norse mythology come to life. Yggdrasil is considered the tree of life in Norse tales, a precious thing. If you’re looking for a slot that has great features, you definitely have that here. This is a slot that follows the awesome 243 ways to win format, which means that you don’t have any paylines to worry about. If you have a winning combination, it pays out no matter which direction it’s in.

There’s a small bonus game where you can win extra coins, but really the 243 ways to win feature is the top one here. Check it out for yourself. We liked how the graphics were a little retro, yet still bold.

2. Cool Wolf

Cool Wolf slot
OK, so you might want something that has a little more to offer in the features department. Why not check out Cool Wolf? Not only do you still get the 243 ways to win format, but you also have multiple wild symbols that amplify the game. Free spins won’t be a problem in this game, either — you have a lot of them to choose from, and they can trigger even more free rounds. Always a plus.

3. Orion

Orion slot
We love the idea of a slot based on Greek mythology, especially one set up like Orion. It’s a 50 payline slot game with a neat 4×5 construction. You have stacked symbols to help you make more money. If you get three or more scatter symbols to appear, you get eight free spins. It might not sound like much, but you can trigger them again and again. Keep in mind that all of your bets and paylines during the free spin rounds are the same bet that brought you into the bonus round. That has the potential to put serious money in your pocket.

Don’t sell yourself short here: you deserve the best entertainment possible, without feeling like you’re being spoiled. If anything, you should be spoiled as a customer. Good service is hard to find these days, and good entertainment is the same way. Working hard all day doesn’t mean that you have to give up having a good time, after all. Focus on the positive stuff and you won’t have any trouble at all finding the games that speak to you the most. We hope you win big! 🙂

August 25, 2015