Learn how to Count Cards!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino – while slots has dazzling special effects and the chance for a major jackpot, roulette offers the cool betting experience of putting everything in lady luck’s hands, the calm and methodical style of betting that comes with blackjack is known and loved by many punters. While appearing deceptively simple, by employing basic strategy to ensure you make the right choice you can help to improve your edge in the game. Whether you’re playing the live version over at bgo casino or in your local brick and mortar, the rules are the same and the strategy will help you make the right call. But if you want a more advanced way to ensure you make the right call when playing Blackjack, you might want to have a go at card counting.

Card counting is a technique, pioneered by Edward Thorp, that allows the user to keep track of cards that have been dealt and to use that information to inform their future betting decisions. The method is simple, rather than count each individual card as it comes out, you just need to keep an eye on the value of cards. In the Hi-Lo system, a positive value of +1 is ascribed to cards worth 2-6 and a negative one of -1 to 10-A, 7-9 are worth 0. What this means is, after a hand has been dealt, the total will be either zero, negative or positive and gives you a rough idea what you’d expect to see next.

If the count is positive then there are statistically likely to be more high value cards left in the deck and if the count is negative then the odds are that there more low value cards left to come. Using this to help inform your basic strategy can give you a big advantage! Just check out this infographic below to get an idea.

November 21, 2018