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Checking Out The No Deposit Bingo Game

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It´s no wonder that the no deposit bingo games offer to be a great way to start your journey in the world of online bingo. If you like this game and have been thinking about trying it out at some point of time but the money was an issue that stopped you from being able to go for it, you can play no deposit bingo at and enjoy this game without having to spend your own money.

The Interesting Side – While a game of bingo is offering a chance of winning money, it´s important to remember that it´s a game of luck and that there are no guarantees. As people often think twice about spending money on something merely for their interest, especially when they are not sure about the winnings that they are going to see, no deposit bingo is a great way to have some fun playing a great game without risking your own money.

No Deposit Bingo Game

Another reason might be that people may not want to venture into something that requires money to be spent directly when they are not very familiar with it. So if you have only heard about the game of bingo, and are not quite an expert on it, money might be something that you wouldn’t want to shell out at this point of time. This is where the no deposit bingo sites can prove to be useful for you.

The No Deposit Game – This is an incentive that most of the popular bingo sites have on offer for their new players. In other words, under normal condition registering as a bingo player on any site would require you to put in some startup deposits. However, with the free no deposit bingo sites, you don’t need to worry about this. All you need to do is think about opening an account, and the site will offer you a free initial deposit!

There are many advantages seen with this. You get to familiarize with the game as a beginner before actually putting in some money in it.

Some people also believe that this initial deposit might act as a beginner’s luck for a new player. At the same time, even if you have been playing bingo offline, you may need to get a good feel of the online version before actually venturing your money safely in the game.

Therefore, when you select a site to play bingo on, ensure that you are being offered a free no deposit bingo account to help you start up with this great game and enjoy it as much as possible.

January 14, 2015

Understanding the rules of online bingo

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Bingo as a game is very easy to play and has only one rule, which is daub your numbers as they are called out and call Bingo when you hit Full House. There is nothing more to it. But there are certain rules associated with online bingo just to ensure fair play and security of players.


The first and foremost step to playing online bingo is choosing a site to play and register with. In the registration process, all your personal details is required and some sites also take you bank details here. Online bingo is meant strictly for players above the legal age of 18 years and a verification of the same is done by the site before completing registration. Players are then provided with a user name or alias that they will be using.

rules of online bingo

Playing bingo and casino games

All bingo sites offer players a wide variety of games that they can play from all the variants of bingo to slots and popular casino games. But in order to begin gaming, you will need bonuses. Some sites like New Look Bingo offers a free sign up bonus of £15 to newbies. So, join New Look Bingo today and claim your free bonus.

Winning Prizes

Different sites offer different prizes that can be either tangible or in bonuses. There are many ways in which you can earn bonuses viz by making a deposit, winning a bingo game, participating in certain promotions whereas tangible prizes can mostly be won in prize draws.

Loyalty Scheme

There are many benefits that a player can reap just by sticking to a particular bingo site. Depending on how regularly you play and the amount you wager, players are placed in different categories. The higher up you are on a site’s loyalty scheme the more are your chances of saving money and winning bigger prizes. So whichever site it may be that you are interested in, be sure to keep the site’s loyalty scheme in mind.

June 5, 2014

Support your Local Bingo Hall

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Traditional “land based” bingo is facing an uncertain future. A huge rise in the amount of people now opting to play online bingo rather than going to their local bingo hall is starting to have a financial effect. Internet bingo now boasts 3 million players in the UK alone, a figure that is continuing to grow year by year.

Much of the problem revolves around the flexibility of playing bingo online. Players can choose when and where they want to play, fitting it around their other commitments in their spare time. Another aspect is the pricing; online companies can provide gaming services like this for a fraction of the percentage a bingo hall can offer it. It is all of this, coupled with the speed of the whole process; the immediacy in which you can start playing bingo is something that almost all bingo halls simply cannot compete with.

playing bingoIt is factors like this that are resulting in dwindling numbers at bingo halls across the UK. There was a time where there had been an increasing number of younger people coming into the halls but they are beginning to be pulled away by internet bingo. It is true that the number of people (women mostly) between the ages of 20-25 playing has increased in recent years, but we want them playing real bingo, not virtual bingo.

We are definitely of the view that people will have much more fun playing bingo the traditional way. It’s a much more fulfilling experience on all fronts in comparison, and won that is in danger of being lost in the techno age.

The sad fact is that at the end of the day the internet is such a dominant resource in modern society it is impossible to break away from that. As we are becoming increasingly reliant and obsessed with this type of technology internet bingo is only going to grow and grow, bringing in a broader audience, branching out into the male demographic. It’ll have a strangle hold on that consumer market, which would most likely spell the end to traditional bingo altogether. So please get out there and support your local bingo hall and keep tradition alive!

February 17, 2014

Speed Up Your Bingo Games

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The latest online bingo games help you up the pace – and the excitement!

If you find yourself drifting off in the middle of your online bingo sessions, it could be time to up the pace with one of the speedier games you’ll find on offer at the big bingo sites right now. With a range of fast-paced games to choose from, it’s an ideal way to bump up the excitement factor, as well as making it far easier to fit more of your favourite online game into a busy schedule.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to raise that pace, you’ll find several ways to do it at your preferred online bingo site. It’s the UK’s leading bingo site, with over 4 million members, and part of the reason for its success is that it offers such a wide range of online bingo games, designed to cater for every bingo player’s taste. So here’s our guide to the latest games at the site that allow you to play bingo online at lightning speed.

Bingo 75

One of the simplest ways to pack more bingo action into your online bingo sessions is to switch from 90 ball bingo to 75 ball bingo. Many good bingo sites offers a selection of Bingo 75 games, each using 75 balls instead of 90, for a far faster game. Bingo 75 is available to play for 10p per ticket at the site, and while the games may be faster, and those ticket prices cheap, it doesn’t mean you miss out in terms of jackpot size. This Bingo 75 game features a progressive jackpot to play for, and as we all know, that can mean huge prizes, especially at a site that’s this popular.

Another aspect of the Bingo 75 game that might appeal to players who’ve lost interest in standard Bingo 90 games is that this variant mixes up the online bingo format a little. At online bingo sites, when you play Bingo 75, you’re not just trying to mark numbers of in straight lines. In order to win big, you need to complete a specific winning pattern on your cards – from flowers to love hearts, it changes with every game, making for a more fun way to play while you up that speed.

Speed Bingo

The name of this online bingo game tells you everything you need to know. With tickets costing just 1p, this game is designed for players that love their games fast and fun. You’ll never, ever be left waiting around for one of these games, as Speed Bingo games kick off every 30 seconds!

Speed Bingo is a 75 ball bingo game (again, cutting down on ball-calling time) where you play along with the super-cute character Jin, and enjoy blackout games every 30 secs. It’s a great option for budget players, since tickets are only 1p, but it’s also perfect for those looking to win big, as Speed Bingo is one of the online bingo games that features a progressive jackpot at most online bingo sites.

February 7, 2014

Instead of Playing Bingo in Person, Why Not Play Free Online Bingo?

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Bingo has matured greatly from its invention hundreds of years ago, and now, to keep up with the changing world, free online bingo games have been added to the cyberworld.

The classic and traditional game of bingo can be traced back to a lottery game called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia that was native in Italy in the 1530’s. By the eighteenth century, the game had severely matured and in France, playing cards, tokens, and calling out the numbers had been added to the game. In the nineteenth century, bingo was used across the country of Germany for education purposes. Bingo was used to teach children how to spell, different animal names, and difficult multiplication tables.

Bingo traveled to the United States later on by word of mouth. A man named Hugh Ward standardized the game at carnivals in the early 1920’s and copyrighted the game and the rule book in 1933. The game was further popularized by toy merchandiser Edwin Lowe, who took the idea with him to New York, where he expanded the game’s popularity.

play free online bingo games
By then, people were calling the game Beano, seeing as the game was most commonly played with dried beans. One theory on the origin of the current name is that one player was so excited about winning that he yelled out “Bingo” instead of “Beano” and from there, the name stuck. Another theory about the name is that the word “bingo” was already being used in the United Kingdom and that someone just applied it to the game.

By the 1940’s, bingo sets were being purchased across the country in two sets: a $1.00 set of twelve cards and a $2.00 set of twenty-four cards.

Bingo then made the transition to casinos, where people could play games to win. Now, bingo is common everywhere, from carnivals to classrooms. Charity organizations are also popular sponsors of bingo, and people play the game to support certain charities.

In the cyber world, two of the earliest online bingo pioneers were BingoZone and Uproar. BingoZone was introduced in 1996 and the company Uproar established Bingo Blitz in 1996. These two gaming sites became the pioneers for other soon-to-come bingo sites.

Now, playing free online bingo games is an absolute hit with people of all ages. This is a great alternatives to playing for real money. Many of the online bingo sites out there are free of charge and don’t require any deposit info. All you have to do is sign up for an account to play. is a good resource to let you know where you can play free bingo.

Many bingo sites have updated in recent years to keep up with modern times, and you can now play free bingo games online while chatting with other players in your game. The purpose of this chat features is to increase the sense of community and interaction between players, as this helps customer retention.

Also, online bingo sites run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so your bingo fun doesn’t have to end when the sun sets! If you want a fun online game that you can play at any hour of the day, free bingo games are for you!

Ready to start playing free online bingo games?

July 22, 2012