Bingo turns to online platforms

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The pandemic made a lot of industries shut the doors to its customers and one industry that was hit hard due to covid was the bingo industry. Bingo halls were a place many people used to go to, to socialise and have a great time with either family or friends.

Land-based casinos had to close their doors and move to online like the ones here at CNOG who have taken full advantage of being an online based platform. The gambling industry was hit hard by the pandemic but luckily, they turned to an online platform which has seen them see a huge increase in its users. bingo has always been a very popular thing for many people to do, a lot of online bingo games have seen great success since taking the decision to move to online. There are a lot of bingo companies that are now looking to set up an online platform after seeing the success of many rival companies. Continue reading

October 7, 2021

Gambling at Online Casino’s for Beginners – Factors to Consider

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More and more people are gaining an interest to online gambling as each week passes, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to start playing their favourite casino games in the hopes of winning some cash or possibly landing the jackpot reward.

Nowadays, there are so many methods to play well-known casino games that you don’t even need to enter a physical casino to do so. You may be a novice when it comes to casinos gambling; you may be entering a land-based casino with no prior gaming experience, and other expert casino players will take advantage of your vulnerability and use that to their advantage.

Within this article, we look at the two main factors you should consider when searching for an online casino if you’re new to gambling and have no knowledge, if you would like some more tips than you can read about this guide for online casino gambling for beginnersContinue reading

September 16, 2021

The rise of online gaming and the level of security protection it provides

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Digital gambling is currently at its peak, and it has risen even further as a result of the global epidemic. Due to the closure of conventional betting shops and casinos, a rising number of people are gambling online, and thousands aren’t coming back to their local casino because they’re comfortable gambling virtually as from their own comfort and they also have the option to gamble whenever, wherever.

Due to the fact that they are thousands upon thousands online casino websites available, finding and settling in an online casino can be a challenging task, therefore, we have provided highly recommended virtual casinos and that has maximum protection and you can find them here. Continue reading

September 9, 2021

Beginner Mistakes at Online Casinos

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Having seen a big surge in new players over the past eighteen months, online casinos have certainly started to thrive as beginners drop into the huge number of games available – some of the biggest operators available at casino genie have seen the biggest growth of these newcomers, but for those opening play options for the first time, what should be kept in mind and what are the biggest mistakes that newcomer players make when exploring online options?

Not taking full advantage of welcome offers – Over the years, online casinos have become extremely generous with the welcome bonuses on offer whether these be deposit matching up to certain values or offering free spins on some of their games. There are often terms and conditions to receiving these benefits that can often be missed however, so be sure to read through what the requirements are and take advantage of the bigger welcome offers as they’re typically a one-time deal – promotions run throughout the year to help secure other great deals too, but none are usually as lucrative as the welcome deals. Continue reading

August 27, 2021

How To Become A Better Online Poker Player?

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Becoming a better online poker player is an ideal in which we would all strive towards, due to the benefits that it can pose in online tournaments, or even just against friends and family. Poker can be a rather frustrating game at times, but for the most part, competing in an online poker tournament can prove to be a lot of fun, especially if you are able to improve your skills and get further in the tournament and end up turning a bit profit on and below, we look at some of the ways in which you can become a better poker player.

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For the majority of online poker tournament, there is usually a big field of players so the game time to complete these poker tournaments can be several hours, so preparing yourself for the long haul is one of the most important factors in becoming a successful poker player. What this means is that being patient within the tournament and ensuring that you aren’t just jumping at every opportunity and waiting patiently to pounce when you are better posed is the best time, we can give to anyone who is wanting to become a better poker player. Success in a poker game online isn’t going to come quickly, so be ready for the lengthy game is important. Continue reading

May 11, 2021

What To Look For When Signing Up To An Online Casino

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Online casinos have become not just big business in terms of the gambling industry, but they have also become a main format of entertainment for many of us as we are now using them as our primary source of entertainment. However, there are now hundreds of different online casinos out there for us players to choose from and so we thought we’d create a list of things to look out for before signing up for an online casino.

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One of the most important factors when it comes to signing up to a new online casino is working out what you want to get out of our casino in the first place as every casino offers different things. Working out what you want is a start as they you can tailor your shopping for an online casino to this whether that be a wide variety of casino games, a level of engagement with the customer service levels on this casino or even just after the bonuses that you require, this is certainly the starting point.  Continue reading

April 20, 2021

Most Popular Forms of Online Gambling

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Online gambling has quickly become one of the most popular formats of online entertainment due to the ease of access that it now offers to punters. Not only this, but the entertainment values go hand-in-hand with the opportunity for players to turn their money into profit and this can be done in multiple different games and so we thought we’d look at some of the most popular forms of online gambling on the internet right now.

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One of the most popular forms of online gambling that we are seeing really pick up traction in recent times has been that of online casinos. Casinos have always been one of the main ways to gamble but since the introduction of the internet, the popularity has gone through the roof. Games are on offer such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat which have proved to be the most popular games within the online casino world and with promotional deals and sign-up bonuses improving every day for players, we expect this number of punters to only increase over time. Here at Max, they are offering one of the best casino experiences for all players looking for a no limit experience and are currently expanding their avenues with a host of new games. Continue reading

March 30, 2021